Cinema 4D Session

Since last week that we have had 4/5 sessions with Adrien about Cinema 4D.
As a visual communicator we need to be in touch with all the platforms available for us to create our work.
On this last session we had the chance to understand more about setting up the light sources and reflections for a more realistic image.



Cofriends Brand Application

Once I had my concept defined on my head I have started to think which elements would I need to create for the brand. I wanted with my design to make my service being recognize as any other food service on the streets, like hipster, simple, funny, because by researching on other social campaigns I saw that clearly the visual image wasn’t appealing.

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Shadows final outcome 

As I have posted before “Shadows” is the title for our last creative and industry practice project.

In this project we had Capture contrast/ evidence/ characteristics from the pictures we take on a certain space.

My intention was then show the contrast on architecture and the environment that it’s created Around.

For my final outcome I wanted to do a city of five collage posters. First I needed to print my images in A3 so I selected 8 of my pictures where 4 were from one side of the corner were I was and the other 4 from the other side.

To enhance the contrast between them I bought two different types of paper, one glossy and other one more greyish grainy paper. Once printed I have started to plan how I would like to create contrast and how would my pictures work between each other . The process was this.

After time working I finally finished my 5 posters.

My visual image 

For this here we had to develop our self promotion image. With that we could make our work labelled and organised for better recognition.

On this project I wanted to try in a simple way to reflect my style as a creative.

Business card, subject cover sheets, CV and sketchbook label were all done so that my work is clearly identifiable and organised.

Definitely I want to work even deeply on it because it will improve my organisation.

Manifesto/ Concept Board

It’s been two months since we started our last project, so now it’s time to show how I built my brand, and based on what.

Starting from the idea we moved on to the manifesto and concept board.
Based on my idea I wanted to call out people and make them understand that we need to help each other. So with my simplified system of free food provided for people in need it I could make two changes out of it, less waste, more people having a chance to eat properly.

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