Looking at different campaigns and different interactions existent in the world felt to be the right step to take at this point.
Although my project can be very conceptual is important to reflect on what exists already.
Body interaction that changes what is displayed, mobile interaction, targeted sound system, projections on the wall or either paper glued on the floor are existent.

After the presentation of Dan from grand visual I had a look on how the data runs and built this campaign.
These digital screens already exist in many different ways and we need to explore which one or perhaps a new version is suitable for our project.




This second project starts with getting ideas on paper  and discover what are the topics that I feel more happy with working with. The three topics that I wanted to talk were Child poverty, consumerism or food habits. With these words I tried to find all the related terms so I could  understand a little bit more what actually defines this topic. Continue reading DIALOGUE-GOOGLE ENAGE discover 1


So after so much research towards nutrition, I felt stuck on many numbers and I was trying to justify my opinions, but I wasn’t felling that with this arguments I could really convince people to change.Captura de ecrã 2017-02-11, às 10.34.55.png

I didn’t want to for people to care about nutrients, what I want is to allow people to have fun, and subtly getting the importance of physical activity and healthy food habits to tackle the UK most occurring deaths.  After this magnificent conclusion I have decided to go back and look at some campaign related with obesity. They are all pretty disgusting and to be honest I would rather not seen them. However this was helpful because it helped me thinking exactly what is the tone that I want to build in my project, fun and playful.

Captura de ecrã 2017-02-11, às 10.35.03.png

This changes came after the feedback given by Dan Dawson.
Although this change wasn’t suggested by Dan my idea came after looking to some famous youtube chef’s like Jamie Oliver and that allow me to build my final idea for my project.

Down below I have my concept board. Basically, the ingredients for this campaign are:

People commuting back home thinking on what they want to eat.
A screen with a camera most likely close to transport links like tube stations or bus stops.
The first part, people need to engage with their bodies by responding to what is asked on the screen. Then, because they are succeeded on the task they will receive a polaroid of themselves moving and also an healthy recipe so that you don’t need to have any idea for dinner.

Captura de ecrã 2017-02-11, às 10.34.23.png

HOT HOUSE -Interview workshop preparation

IMG_1793.JPGOn today session our team started curating, collecting ,printing, making everything necessary for this Saturday’s workshop.

Basically while the new students are waiting to have their interview we are setting a little workshop for students to create their own sketchbook cover and after taking it away.
I don’t really say how I can verbalize our tasks but we went through selecting the four artwork that goes on the riso printer, fold the inside pages of the sketchbook, collecting the material needed to make this sketchbooks and finally put some work up on the walls.