Presentations day

The last Tuesday in our studio we have done the presentations for the first project breakfast unscrambled.

The presentation had some mandatory fields as presenting the inspiration board, the logo development, and the product with the values and tone of voice.

This are some of the presentations done…








Look mum no hands

Some weeks ago as I posted previously we went in LOOK MUM NO HANDS to observe the environment of a space that is now a reference for all cyclists in London.

After taking notes we had to produce a poster based on our experience. What I tried to explain is the influence that the place has. Once you go in on your right side you have the big windows turned for the street and a big shelf along with the windows. That shelf has loads is magazine poster cards liflets and all of them from places around the country and even around the world. So my idea is to explain it l, so I grabbed some of them and I scanned them to use as a background.

The rest I think is better observing the image.





CCS alternative souvenir

To make the 1st essay we had to create an alternative souvenir.

This pictures are the work of my colleagues which turned to be a really nice response for the brief!

In this class we discussed our ideas to see if we were going on the right way.

The submition as been done now is time to wait for the marks!

CCS/ street art 


Ccs class last week was really interesting. Tom was explaining to was some of the movements and attitudes of street art.

We started for the southbank undercroft were was being developed new plans for the space where is now a place layered by street artists with the time.

Graffiti is known by everyone but what really happens inside the community is still not decoded. Crossing tags, writing on top of other tag, tagging on side of other tags…all these are demonstrations of power , saying ” I saw you”, ” I am better than you”, however these demonstrations are never face to face, because no one know each other.

Street art was always seen as vandalism however what is the most invading art of streets? Advertisment, you’ll find everywhere and is fine, as long as they are framed and they are selling something is fine, and street art where you can see all the message all the information is vandalism and illegal…

Subvertisement by epoxy, showing the process of creating a fake beauty, that as a parallel can be seen as a critic image of advertisement.

Street art isn’t at all graffiti, as you can see in this picture , the pixelator is simply a square formed by square that uses the light of advertisements and turn the image in pixels.

 Street artists  influence our livings, sometimes actively sometimes passively, like this case were a guy was writing RED? And the painter started to paint red and at the end he got the entire hall painted red…

Paul Jenkins talk

Paul Jenkins, founder of triple double came in our university to show some about his work, he was saying that his presentation was to show process and not to show work and at the end really interesting project he showed us.
Shoes, something  that I am really interested is the big project of Paul where he as a student created a book about the most important shoes released ever!

Really interesting the persistence of him trying to get all the shoes information to put in a book!

He had some crazy ideas to do with shoes and his photo shoots were really nice .

From a aquarium shoe to a “make you think sports” mask  Paul has a range of different interactions with shoes and he had a really simple but nice talk last Friday, really enjoyed!

For a creative Sunday …

This year I think we are felling the pressure due to the amount of work that is being piled on every session.

I don’t want to say that is bad because I think we do need to prepare our selves to future. But this Sunday with no computer I decided to do other paddle for our exhibition. So based on my first bat that will be on the exhibition ” the art of ping pong” I have decided to do a shoe, I’ve used watercolour paper, acrylics, a shoelace, spray mount and one rubber side of the paddle.

So this is all the process…



After presenting the all the ideas for fivefootsix Kieron and the chosen collegues explained us how was the feedback and what ideas are actually going through the final exhibition .

So after the feedback we were divided in teams to do all different part of it from curation to marketing campaign where I got in design team.

So me and me team started to discuss which work needs to be done and schedule all the dates to have everything prepared by the end of the week.

The time frame is quite short so we try to make the poster web banner and catalogue for this Tuesday,and we have done it!

These ones are the first versions we came up that than take us in the final version! 

So within is there is no excuse for not attend, you have all the information, I’ll see you on the exhibition!

Infographic session


Last Friday we had a infographic session with Ricardo where we tried out to show in different ways our journey to university.

One by using descriptions words of the actual journey , and another one illustrating symbols smells and sound during the same journey.

This way you can see the various shapes that your infographic can look like.

We also tried to make a typology about 5 brands you like on a certain product extension.

After we picked our top ten movies and we gave a percentage based on an certain aspect. I have marked them following what were the one that make me laugh the most.

 Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 19.05.40

After it we went in the computer room to organise the information using GOOGLE SHEETS which is a pretty simple was to organise your ideas.