Design Bridge

This week we had the chance to see some of the work that is been produced by design studio.

They are an international brand design company and they have done work with some of the big companies as Lipton, tanqueray and guiness, deigning the bottles the packaging and generally speaking always very detailed which I think is great to see!   

They’ve also rebranded CHANCE an event agency.

They’ve given a really simple however premium look which works really well!

Thanks Design Bridge


Queen Elizabeth Park

To do something useful on Sunday, I read the articles related on the brief for CCS to go and visit the Queen Elizabeth Park.

The shortest article was really interesting due to its ironic comparisons for example when the writer is talking about the cost of the project and about the general view in the park that he describes as a ‘cartoon world’.

About my personal experience, I’ve been over there some times and in the city you can have space to actually look around and relax your vision with big spaces inbetween the big infrastructures.

These are some of the pictures I took while there: