Hot house talk

Very briefly speaking, today we had an hot house talk with lake a and she showed us her progress from the end of university till this stage.

Her work is majorly done by big compositions with coloured patterns mixed up with text, which work really good indeed!

The thing that impressed me the most were the big walls she was asked to do .amaizing control of measurements and perspective which create stunning visuals at the end!




Sarah Boris talk

At the last hot house talk Sarah Boris presented the work she did since she is graduated.

I did like her approach to the students because she clearly showed what was her journey after university which is really important since the majority of students feel unsafe about their future.

She worked in Barbican where she was doing catalogues  but after a period of time she wanted to do something different so she tried to apply in  ICA  where she wasn’t accepted first but then an new opportunity appeared and she got a job there.

Her work is based on publishing which I really like and I think was really inspiring her talk.


Paul Jenkins talk

Paul Jenkins, founder of triple double came in our university to show some about his work, he was saying that his presentation was to show process and not to show work and at the end really interesting project he showed us.
Shoes, something  that I am really interested is the big project of Paul where he as a student created a book about the most important shoes released ever!

Really interesting the persistence of him trying to get all the shoes information to put in a book!

He had some crazy ideas to do with shoes and his photo shoots were really nice .

From a aquarium shoe to a “make you think sports” mask  Paul has a range of different interactions with shoes and he had a really simple but nice talk last Friday, really enjoyed!