What typeface should I use?

As a designer is always important to consider very carefully the use of different typefaces.
Typography is as important as the image and it’s readability, size , history, type, meaning will totally change the visual and aspect of your final outcome. Continue reading What typeface should I use?

Dialogue Studio: Armin Hofmann

Armin Hofmann, is an inspiration for many designers, he started developing a system of grid and organization of images so that they would perfectly convey it’s information.


His process of making the image  interacting with text is very sublime and extremely elegant and also we would rather use black or white for all the development work so that he could initially understand the entire composition.

His work represents entirely the Swiss International Design on its pure form.
At age of 27 he already founded the school of design and started teaching.


Dialogue studio: Prototyping

Nicer Tuesdays ( story telling): Ken Wong

Ken Wong is the head designer of the awarded game “Monument Valley”.
On this video you can understand a little bit more about the process towards achieving a strong connection to the user.
Would be expected a game where the narrative were told by the main character on surpassing challenges however this one develops signals while the game run where the user can build their own thoughts.
He also says that the story is optional and that they have built their own after creating the characters and themes.

After that, in group we had to select 4 apps from our phones and understand and make questions of why is that app don eon a certain way.

We went to observe a game, Touch Grind Skate, Uber, Snapchat and Lloyds bank.
We actually selected so that we can understand how the app functions in different situations.
With this discussion we touched on certain aspects like Brand Guidelines, the different features, the motion , what makes the journey more interesting , for which kind of situations will the app be used and how long would take for us to complete the intention of the app.



Marvelapp.com, is a website which allows any one to build a prototype of a real application. It also allows To collaborate and is well linked with other platforms.
With it we had to develop a simple app layout with ten different images of artists that we like so that we could start using the features which the app provide.


Captura de ecrã 2016-10-23, às 19.38.29.png

Following all these elements ( video, apps discussion, app prototyping ) we were induced on how to convey our message and develop through an app. By working with previous material developed by us( the interpretation of images , mapping and layout), we had to recreate our expressionist drawings so they they could fit on a mobile app.



Dialogue Studio: Ustwo

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 11.35.28.png

Mills and John Sinclair are the co-founders of USTWO.
USTWO is a design studio that as been working with big companies as Google, Adidas, Ford, etc…
It’s always really interesting to understand their main values and for what do they stand for.
From the video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxTsZYwUwmo) It’s really easy to understand the free spirit that involves the studio.
Both of them have a really clear idea about what they want to do, and as they say what they really want is to produce great work, profit is obviously needed for them to afford the studio, however they work without taking it as guaranteed profit because what they want is that people understand and enjoy what they produce.

The ” The Studio of Dreams” as they say, needs to be inspired needs to make people feel comfortable on it, so no white walls with no purpose.

They produce some astonishing work which has been awarded in different aspects.
The mouth replacement app is one of their creations which basically it’s a digital mouth that responds to the sounds you make while you speak. This project once again confirms a constant idea that they have, their work is out there and that’s how people get to now them and look for their creative work.

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 12.39.24.png

On the video they also speak about games, in this case a flying game and what is really clear is that they now exactly what users want and we that they want them to enjoy good moments while using what they produce.
Games are 45% of the apple store market so they want to answer with great work carefully developed as it’s seen on the video.

What I really kept in mind from this video is an idea that they have about the industry. They say that nowadays there is no excuse not to show work to everyone.It my not be profitable but as long as someone produce something that they feel passionate about, for sure will be successful !

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 12.24.00.png

ustwo.co.uk is their website where they show all their projects and other features that are part of their studio. Really clean design, from the layout to the font in use, all these aspects turn the experience on their website very interesting.
A few years ago someone showed me a game which till today I consider the best mobile game ever, from the motion, concept, user interaction the game is really addictive.
That game is “Monument Valley” and was created by ustwo receiving several awards.

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 12.24.17.png
Other aspects that kept my attention on the website were, the way they show the different times on the cities were they work  which add a really soft motion which I felt that is quiet appealing. Also, the “Time Talk” it a page which shows different events were you can get to now specific parts of the creative industry, I will definitely go soon!

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 11.47.48.png

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 11.52.05.png

Great studio, great work, I kept my interest to know more about them.


Dialogue Studio: Narrative Mapping

There are different ways on how we describe, evaluate an image. In this specific cas we had to analyse on a first stage feelings and colours/tones.

From a selection of images that we had to collect ( people, place and patterns).Focusing on people we had to, by the use of single Lines demonstrate what was the flow of the image.                   After that we also illustrate the same images by the tone.

Grabbing the London tube map we add to point out places which are part of our routine. With a dotted paper we joined the dotes which refer to our journeys which at the and will give us our personal map. Adding on this we could also add , textures to enhance a certain aspect that we wanted to describe.

On the afternoon we had three tasks to work on:

– Merging our scanned hand with the map we have done previously,

– Use the same scanned had and layout text with the image,

-And finally by using coloured paper we had to create a cohesive layout with text and the paper.

These are the outcomes.

Task3: Online purchase

Nowadays everyone buy on the Internet, and with time this services tend to be simplified for an easier and accessible experience.
On this task I had to look for a specific website of my choice and understand which steps I would need to take to do a purchase.
I choose to buy a pair of sneakers at sneakersnstuff.com. Under is a first sketch of the journey and after a more organized and clean way of representing it.
img_9874 user-journey-pptx-pptx

The User experience

This Friday our aim was to understand how the user experience will influence work work development.
An application has to have some objective for people, however each person as their own objectives. With that in mind we organized the main ideas that should be present for us to develop the work.

Key Goals- What does the main aspect on your application?
-Do they need to complete a task?
-Is time a concern for the user?

Behaviour- Does the user have time to take on using the application?
– Would the app be more explained? Would it be more visual?
– What does turn off the interest of a specific user?

Must dos- Will be a description that include what to do depending on the user profile.

Exercise 1: Interpretation of user data, understanding about what to do and what not.
On a first stage we would work based on a fictional character. Secondly we would work towards understanding of our colleagues.


Exercise2: Analysis of a task model.

A task model it’s a organized representation of the steps a user needs to take on a specific app.
In this task model you can find Direct connections, those which automatically follow the previous page, and also Controlled Evaluations, These ones will allow the user to select form different options before to proceed.
Our task was to fill up a diagram with the different steps that the user need to take to purchase on our app (purchase of a poster).