Brand theatre 

After the presentations we recived a brief  to make or either 20 items related to the brand or a window display about the brand as well without showing the logo.

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Look mum no hands

Some weeks ago as I posted previously we went in LOOK MUM NO HANDS to observe the environment of a space that is now a reference for all cyclists in London.

After taking notes we had to produce a poster based on our experience. What I tried to explain is the influence that the place has. Once you go in on your right side you have the big windows turned for the street and a big shelf along with the windows. That shelf has loads is magazine poster cards liflets and all of them from places around the country and even around the world. So my idea is to explain it l, so I grabbed some of them and I scanned them to use as a background.

The rest I think is better observing the image.






Brand- represents a concept/organisation

Branding- a unique way of brand visual representation 

Brand(objective)- the entity, the product

Brand(subjective)-Perception in the mind of a consumer

Branding-(verb)the process of creating                     (Noun)the brand identity as           experienced 

Branding is now at the stage of YOU so the brands are connected to people, people have their interaction in the brand.

Brands get your information and shape their brands due to its consumers.


Innocent– smoothie company 
Lesson 1: know the purpose/ be clear in your objectives

In a video, one of the founders explains that you need to be extreme in the way that once you have a concept you should apply to all the business 

Lesson 2: ethics 

All the business try to make it healthier for the consumer but also for the world using less energy, go for the natural productions, etc…

The company takes 10 % for charity 

Look mum no hands!

So today I went in the cyclists’ caffe “LOOK MUM NO HANDS” to observe the concept of that cafe, how the space was designed and what were people doing in that space.

First the area was a nice out space where you had loads of bikes parked, and some tables as well, this space is always used for envents/ top ups!

Inside the caffe has a quite big area where there is a small  workshop to fix bikes, and loads of areas for merchandise and even a nice area to seat.

Close to the front window of the caffe you have all leaflets and post cards from other companies that ask them to put in there, which even shows the visibility of that place.  

I ordered a hot chocolate which coast me £2,80 which for me is a bit expensive, but anyway the environment of the caffe is really chilled.

When I arrived in the place, there were some guys recording for an event, and my collegue actually made part of the film, even if she had no connection to cyclists which I thought was a bit strange.

I had the opportunity to talk to one of the girls about the caffe and she actually was the responsable for merchandising and gave us a general idea about the place. 

“Actually we have events here every week”

“Workers normally stay up to 2 years”

The good thing about this caffe in my opinion is that you can fix your bike and while waiting, instead of looking for some random place to go you can just order a coffee and enjoy the environment with other people such as yourself (cyclists) .