Armando Villani

Armando Villani is my fellow Italian Graphic Design at The Cass.


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Cofriends Brand Application

Once I had my concept defined on my head I have started to think which elements would I need to create for the brand. I wanted with my design to make my service being recognize as any other food service on the streets, like hipster, simple, funny, because by researching on other social campaigns I saw that clearly the visual image wasn’t appealing.

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My new brief

Brand that can is the new brief that we’ve recived today…

Basically we will have to create a non profitable brand that will somehow change the life of people in need.

So today we went through a couple of examples to understand better what we have to do.

TOMS a sandals brand was one of the examples showing their principle of one to one that once someone buy a pair another one goes to the kids that need .


Brand theatre redoing 

After making my first idea for the project I realised that I wasn’t so happy with the outcome…

So I walked around to see some examples and to get some inspiration from what exists yet…

So was is Sloane Square were I found this window from Peter Jones a John Lewis partnership.

These circular shapes either with products or videos inside made me have an idea.

So based on my project I placed all the ingridients in circular shapes.

This is the result 


Brand Application

Hi Dear followers, this morning my studio had a workshop with Ricardo related with our main project, Breakfast Unscrambled…

First we had a look at some web pages to help us to understand the right process of promoting a brand.

After as a team we have set an Application about this company SMILE which I was in charge to do the web page.

Really enjoyed it, really useful




My breaksfast unscrambled project

I should have done this post a long time ago, but better later than never.

On this project we followed some stages to arrive till we are today.

So first after doing a survey we were asked to to an infographic which is a designed way to show numbers or results of something.

So my answer to that was this one…

After it we had to based on the results, or not, be able to create some breakfast product ,service or place that would fill a gap on that market.

So I started sketching and thinking in my personal experience  

After finding what could be my product I had to brand it.

Remember never forget to justify your idea… Only solid ideas do have success!

The name was difficult to have it because overthinking about a concept an idea for days does create make you think about the value of your idea. was the first name that I worked on but due to its complexity as a word and even its link and sense within the breakfast “thing” make me change to something easier to the consumers.

So after I had to rethink about it and I end up doing a name related to the container rather than the food itself so I came up with theirs ken!


So then I had to make a presentation as I showed before than this post which was the exploration of the ideas to create a brand.

Mine was this 


Look mum no hands

Some weeks ago as I posted previously we went in LOOK MUM NO HANDS to observe the environment of a space that is now a reference for all cyclists in London.

After taking notes we had to produce a poster based on our experience. What I tried to explain is the influence that the place has. Once you go in on your right side you have the big windows turned for the street and a big shelf along with the windows. That shelf has loads is magazine poster cards liflets and all of them from places around the country and even around the world. So my idea is to explain it l, so I grabbed some of them and I scanned them to use as a background.

The rest I think is better observing the image.





For a creative Sunday …

This year I think we are felling the pressure due to the amount of work that is being piled on every session.

I don’t want to say that is bad because I think we do need to prepare our selves to future. But this Sunday with no computer I decided to do other paddle for our exhibition. So based on my first bat that will be on the exhibition ” the art of ping pong” I have decided to do a shoe, I’ve used watercolour paper, acrylics, a shoelace, spray mount and one rubber side of the paddle.

So this is all the process…