Manifesto/ Concept Board

It’s been two months since we started our last project, so now it’s time to show how I built my brand, and based on what.

Starting from the idea we moved on to the manifesto and concept board.
Based on my idea I wanted to call out people and make them understand that we need to help each other. So with my simplified system of free food provided for people in need it I could make two changes out of it, less waste, more people having a chance to eat properly.

Based on other social community campaigns such as RED I starteted to understand what is a manifesto made of, so with my concept and both Emily’s explanation and guide and research I came up with my manifesto.

My end result is down below.


Concept Board

At the same time I was developing my key points for my manifesto I was also trying to get the right visuals to explain my concept. I wanted to create a system that convey for people and they don’t need to take much of their time, because they won’t, I wanted to use the simplest materials so there wouldn’t be a huge amount of cost for a campaign that might be sustain only in some fundings and /or donations. My concept also involves supermarkets to provide space for the pick up and drop off points which also makes the all system much more convinient for everyone in a comparison to my first thought which was to have the drop off point at the tube station.

With all this in mind I have done my concept board.



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