Shadows final outcome 

As I have posted before “Shadows” is the title for our last creative and industry practice project.

In this project we had Capture contrast/ evidence/ characteristics from the pictures we take on a certain space.

My intention was then show the contrast on architecture and the environment that it’s created Around.

For my final outcome I wanted to do a city of five collage posters. First I needed to print my images in A3 so I selected 8 of my pictures where 4 were from one side of the corner were I was and the other 4 from the other side.

To enhance the contrast between them I bought two different types of paper, one glossy and other one more greyish grainy paper. Once printed I have started to plan how I would like to create contrast and how would my pictures work between each other . The process was this.

After time working I finally finished my 5 posters.

My visual image 

For this here we had to develop our self promotion image. With that we could make our work labelled and organised for better recognition.

On this project I wanted to try in a simple way to reflect my style as a creative.

Business card, subject cover sheets, CV and sketchbook label were all done so that my work is clearly identifiable and organised.

Definitely I want to work even deeply on it because it will improve my organisation.

Cip- Beyond limits 

 I was felling my creativity blowing away…so I had to think in something so I could go back in line.

Just as a curiosity I left here the first and the third image as an idea I got in between the thinking process.




I wanted to simplify something, a service a function and I start thinking jobs where prosthetics could improve the work.

So I came with this idea of a prosthetic hand for a barber that would include in a single piece all the main materials needed.    

After creating the piece I am starting to layout my idea across 3 posters a1 for the hand in!

For now I am at this stage but more work will be done!

Beyond Limits | Line up your back

After my first sketches and my first navigation through Internet I found that I could eventually create a stylized back prosthetic piece…to improve posture

There are some Pieces that do improve posture however none of them was stylized and cool, so From there I got my idea.

I started to think about a armour something that could also protect my back.

So to be able to make a kind of a fashion piece I thought about turtle shell’s because they have different patterns that could eventually give a cool look to my piece!


Although this could work, I am not going forward with the idea because I think I can explore more to get something more useful and awesome! So let’s rethink

Beyond Limits | Initial Proccess

So for the project Beyond Limits we got to create an extension of our body something that could perhaps improve it’s functions.

As always I like to start from what I like, Drawings and more drawings, and after I get frustrated because there was a person clever enough to create the same idea first than i did.

Those are the first sketches I have done purely by imagination and then came the part I hate, discovering that from unique there isn’t that much…

Duke of Uke Research


Its been a while since the last post, but now things will be back on track!

Last year we went in a Ukelele store with Cecile so that we could understand the concept of it.
Due to the fact that Duke of Uke is celebrating the 10th anniversary we have from 4 different options to produce a piece of work about the event.

IMG_5634 IMG_5637 IMG_5639 IMG_5644

During my holidays I started doing some research and I discovered that the Ukelele is taken from a similar guitar found once a Portuguese sailer was seen in the Hawaiian coast.

Then I started collecting some imagery that could help for my Poster.

918xuVE0eAL._SL1500_ lrgPRT_KE_AL10 02cd6eeaf614ab90a9f52d8dd79914f1 3ebea7c8f6fde3e7eeb16f6214a056fd




After presenting the all the ideas for fivefootsix Kieron and the chosen collegues explained us how was the feedback and what ideas are actually going through the final exhibition .

So after the feedback we were divided in teams to do all different part of it from curation to marketing campaign where I got in design team.

So me and me team started to discuss which work needs to be done and schedule all the dates to have everything prepared by the end of the week.

The time frame is quite short so we try to make the poster web banner and catalogue for this Tuesday,and we have done it!

These ones are the first versions we came up that than take us in the final version! 

So within is there is no excuse for not attend, you have all the information, I’ll see you on the exhibition!