Memories from my Easter holidays

Because holidays are moments of joy and fun I had the chance to do in Porto ( Portugal)  to visit the House of Music and and Serralves museum of contemporary art.

First the house of music :

Is one of the greatest auditorium I saw, and is incredible to understand why everything seats in a particular place!

These are some of the images

ASpecial attention for these next painted ceramics both using the Dutch blue  describing both Portuguese and Dutch imagery. These are the walls of the VIP room!

My illustrations at the London Mercure Hotel (London Bridge)

This post should have been a few weeks ago but it is never to late to do It.

I was at home when my girlfriend sent me a link about an hotel that was looking for a student to do a set of illustration  at their refurbished hotel. The hotel is London Mercure Hotel in London Bridge.

I have applied to do it and a few days after I was having an interview to show my work and to understand what was being asked to do on the wall.

After presenting one draft I got selected to make it!

This is how the first wall got done!

CIP- Shadows

For the last project of CIP we had to grab our cameras and go in to a chosen place.

Myself and Armando went in spitafields market to observe how was the environment of a busy lunch time.

Around spitafields what kept my attention was the contrast on the architecture, so I’ve decided to take pictures of that contrast along two of the corners of spitafields.

This is the outcome!

Cip- Beyond limits 

 I was felling my creativity blowing away…so I had to think in something so I could go back in line.

Just as a curiosity I left here the first and the third image as an idea I got in between the thinking process.




I wanted to simplify something, a service a function and I start thinking jobs where prosthetics could improve the work.

So I came with this idea of a prosthetic hand for a barber that would include in a single piece all the main materials needed.    

After creating the piece I am starting to layout my idea across 3 posters a1 for the hand in!

For now I am at this stage but more work will be done!