East end walk

Yesterday me and my class went in East end to discover why is this part of the city placed as it is and what was the importance of it.

First we had a discussion in front of central house pointing out the Whitechapel gallery function at the time that was education for all the foreigners that were coming to leave here. 

This second image is in the open space in the back of the gallery, also the architecture like the Windows on the left that after will be seen again on the spitafields church.

This church was planned along with other fiftieth churches!

The church architecture perfectly marks the golden ratio between its porpotions.

This one due to the diversity of religions is a Jewish and Catholic Church.

Roman ruins as you can see on the first picture are still saved in those big glasses and it marks the barrier that separate the centre from the east where all the poverty and market was stablished in.

As a contrast on top of it you have all those private big glass buildings that now show the progression of the city of London .

For the end we went in the “quarter of the artists that had the chance to get the housing looking forward to renew them as a rule for them to stay there.

The Windows on top are where all those artists work on the textile to get enough light to work.

Very nice walk!


Last Friday we had the CIP and we were ment to bring some ideas to build our exhibition That will happen on 30 November and will be once again for children in care and with a collaboration of 5 foot 6.

This exhibition is looking to raise money for kids in need and we have to prepare all the dcration and branding of the event.

so for the first step me and Armando we done some research about the title and the budget we have marketing and the display.  we came up with three versions of the logo

While we were thinking about the budget how could we recover the cost of it and the marketing that will be mostly done via social media.

On Friday we were split in different groups to share ideas and eventually came with a strong visualisation of what could the exhibition look like.

For next Wednesday we have to have a final presentation this time thinking on the problems referred by Kieron and Ricardo.

For now we have some logo developments !

CIP teamwork

So today me and my “team” went in university to prepare the presentation for the “sharks” on Wednesday. On the last session we presented a ruff idea of what our presentation will look like!

After the critics we planned to meet today where we some progress on our logo, poster, and display, looking as well to collect contacts for sponsorship!



Last Friday we were ment to show our ideas for both ‘look mum no hands’ the cyclist caffe and ‘BrandFlip’ from where I chose a paragraph and illustrte it!

For LMNH I have done it but unfortunately my computer broke up so I will I we have to pray and hope that my computer get fixed and somehow recover the work that is done. However for brand flip I do have it to show.

My paragraph is about the costumers that nowadays aren’t only external participants in the brand , they have a vote they have a voice!

So to illustrate this image I will do layers of paper( each color is a layer) and then the text will match perfectly between the layers.


Finally got my Smint poster done…

After a long time after starting my first version of the Smint poster, I finally made it.
My first idea was to create an abstract suit that inside had a Smint package, but I had some critics on it saying that it wouldn’t be very visible for a poster that will be seen only for a couple of seconds on the everyday world.

For that reason, I tried to develop, based on the same idea, a more realistic version for better understanding. I can say that it was looking good for my expectations. However, after posting an incomplete version of mine, someone made the exact same idea and copied it.

I was a bit surprised with it, but the truth is, and that everyone says, never show your work before time, it actually happens!

Anyway, my idea was never to give up, and instead creating something less expected, that is now posted on Smint Uk facebook page for you to have a look and like (if you want of course).

This is my progress of the poster:




Brand- represents a concept/organisation

Branding- a unique way of brand visual representation 

Brand(objective)- the entity, the product

Brand(subjective)-Perception in the mind of a consumer

Branding-(verb)the process of creating                     (Noun)the brand identity as           experienced 

Branding is now at the stage of YOU so the brands are connected to people, people have their interaction in the brand.

Brands get your information and shape their brands due to its consumers.


Innocent– smoothie company 
Lesson 1: know the purpose/ be clear in your objectives

In a video, one of the founders explains that you need to be extreme in the way that once you have a concept you should apply to all the business 

Lesson 2: ethics 

All the business try to make it healthier for the consumer but also for the world using less energy, go for the natural productions, etc…

The company takes 10 % for charity 

Look mum no hands!

So today I went in the cyclists’ caffe “LOOK MUM NO HANDS” to observe the concept of that cafe, how the space was designed and what were people doing in that space.

First the area was a nice out space where you had loads of bikes parked, and some tables as well, this space is always used for envents/ top ups!

Inside the caffe has a quite big area where there is a small  workshop to fix bikes, and loads of areas for merchandise and even a nice area to seat.

Close to the front window of the caffe you have all leaflets and post cards from other companies that ask them to put in there, which even shows the visibility of that place.  

I ordered a hot chocolate which coast me £2,80 which for me is a bit expensive, but anyway the environment of the caffe is really chilled.

When I arrived in the place, there were some guys recording for an event, and my collegue actually made part of the film, even if she had no connection to cyclists which I thought was a bit strange.

I had the opportunity to talk to one of the girls about the caffe and she actually was the responsable for merchandising and gave us a general idea about the place. 

“Actually we have events here every week”

“Workers normally stay up to 2 years”

The good thing about this caffe in my opinion is that you can fix your bike and while waiting, instead of looking for some random place to go you can just order a coffee and enjoy the environment with other people such as yourself (cyclists) .


Tuesday 13/10

The anxiety to actually produce, work, and develop, is starting to get bigger and bigger and finally there are some signs of what we are going to do on the next couple of weeks.

In the morning we were in groups of two where we had to have a short discussion about 3 ideas.

  • Which brand do we like and why?
  • What am I interested in this course?
  • What am I expecting to get out from it?

For these questions this was the answer… first we both picked Apple, highlighting the fact that they have the clearest and simple design that is however function and interactive almost human like. Then about this course I am particularly interested for the ability of making someone’s wishes/ideas come out. It’s important to understand what does the costumer want. For the future I intend to get some basic references for what I need to run my own business (Entrepreneurialism).

After sharing our ideas we saw a video where Steve Jobs in 1997 speaks about their new strategies and concepts to create something simple. So the campaign was called ‘Think Different’ and was based on simple black and white photos of celebrities such as Einstein, Muhammad Ali etc… It had the Apple’s logo and said “Think Different”.

After that we had our first approach to our briefs.

“Look mum no hands” , we will have to describe, collect information, picture out what people are doing and reflect on the design details on one of the most famous cyclists’ caffe in London!

“Brand flip”, based on about 3 paragraphs of this book we will have to do an illustration describing it.

“Breakfast unscrambled”, this project will make us actually go through the process of creating  our own “breakfast brand”.

About the others I will explain when we get there…

For the Afternoon, we had the visit of David Bennett, director of OPX (introduction website video shows some of the clients they had) that was the design company that developped the concept for the cyclists’ caffe. He showed us how was the process ’till getting the actual place done!

Now it’s time to visit the place!