Co friends story board

As I was building my brand I felt the need to experiment a way to explain what is the service that my brand provide and how can the costumer contribute.

This journey/ process has been developed so that my service would be the simple and easy to use.

The outcome has been all done by me as I did all the illustrations from scratch using adobe illustrator and my bamboo pad.

In a one to one session with Ricardo I explained to him what was my idea and he gave me some advice on applying my illustrations in to an actual book, which helped me understanding that I had to change my idea so that I could easily fit text with the imagery.

Following that discussion I started to write down the captions that would go along with the images so I could to set up the file to print.

My idea was to make a concertina book so that would be possible to open the book and read it continually through the story.

I really enjoy to make the actual book and at the end I think I made a solid piece that clearly fits my inicial intention.





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