Cofriends mobile app

For the most complete service I tried also that I have never done before. Thinking about what would a Cofriends app need so that it could interact with the users and make them feel the need to use it.

My general concept was very simple since the beginning so it would be the app.
Before starting on the practical side I started to navigate through mobile application development, which although I would not necessarily  need because I wanted to show simply the visual and how it would run.
This research was very important to understand how does all the images that create a platform, relate between them for an easier and more functional mobile application.

In my research what kept more of my attention was the website of the companies that create mobile applications in Uk, they are Nodes and Lexel.


My first intention was to make an animation  but my range of skills weren’t enough to make an animation in after effects, so based on my range of skills I had to find a solution to answer to my brief that wants a moving image as part of the project.

First I had to plan which screen I would like to show, this first plan was very simple so that I could start designing the basic layout for my app.


Than once I had my basic plan I navigated through some mobile apps to find some data that I could use on my app, so basically I went to search for maps.

Once I have looked at the maps I also looked at the different frames that a user faces once  using the app and how you can go back or select a specific location.
Then I selected one of the maps to use on my application and I have set that map in different positions so that I could have the right screens for my application video.

With these elements and with my plan I have finished the first part of my video.
6 different screens that will after be completed with different elements to have the movement.

To move my image I had to carefully think  how I would move my elements so that once exported as individual frames would create movement.

img_7821Captura de ecrã 2016-05-14, às 20.04.11

Finally once I everything was exported and lined up I imported in photoshop and I created a stop motion with all my screen images, down below is the final result.

Click the link to watch the video:






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