Hot house talk

Very briefly speaking, today we had an hot house talk with lake a and she showed us her progress from the end of university till this stage.

Her work is majorly done by big compositions with coloured patterns mixed up with text, which work really good indeed!

The thing that impressed me the most were the big walls she was asked to do .amaizing control of measurements and perspective which create stunning visuals at the end!




Beyond Limits | Line up your back

After my first sketches and my first navigation through Internet I found that I could eventually create a stylized back prosthetic piece…to improve posture

There are some Pieces that do improve posture however none of them was stylized and cool, so From there I got my idea.

I started to think about a armour something that could also protect my back.

So to be able to make a kind of a fashion piece I thought about turtle shell’s because they have different patterns that could eventually give a cool look to my piece!


Although this could work, I am not going forward with the idea because I think I can explore more to get something more useful and awesome! So let’s rethink

Beyond Limits | Initial Proccess

So for the project Beyond Limits we got to create an extension of our body something that could perhaps improve it’s functions.

As always I like to start from what I like, Drawings and more drawings, and after I get frustrated because there was a person clever enough to create the same idea first than i did.

Those are the first sketches I have done purely by imagination and then came the part I hate, discovering that from unique there isn’t that much…