Shadows final outcome 

As I have posted before “Shadows” is the title for our last creative and industry practice project.

In this project we had Capture contrast/ evidence/ characteristics from the pictures we take on a certain space.

My intention was then show the contrast on architecture and the environment that it’s created Around.

For my final outcome I wanted to do a city of five collage posters. First I needed to print my images in A3 so I selected 8 of my pictures where 4 were from one side of the corner were I was and the other 4 from the other side.

To enhance the contrast between them I bought two different types of paper, one glossy and other one more greyish grainy paper. Once printed I have started to plan how I would like to create contrast and how would my pictures work between each other . The process was this.

After time working I finally finished my 5 posters.

My visual image 

For this here we had to develop our self promotion image. With that we could make our work labelled and organised for better recognition.

On this project I wanted to try in a simple way to reflect my style as a creative.

Business card, subject cover sheets, CV and sketchbook label were all done so that my work is clearly identifiable and organised.

Definitely I want to work even deeply on it because it will improve my organisation.

Brand theatre redoing 

After making my first idea for the project I realised that I wasn’t so happy with the outcome…

So I walked around to see some examples and to get some inspiration from what exists yet…

So was is Sloane Square were I found this window from Peter Jones a John Lewis partnership.

These circular shapes either with products or videos inside made me have an idea.

So based on my project I placed all the ingridients in circular shapes.

This is the result 


For a creative Sunday …

This year I think we are felling the pressure due to the amount of work that is being piled on every session.

I don’t want to say that is bad because I think we do need to prepare our selves to future. But this Sunday with no computer I decided to do other paddle for our exhibition. So based on my first bat that will be on the exhibition ” the art of ping pong” I have decided to do a shoe, I’ve used watercolour paper, acrylics, a shoelace, spray mount and one rubber side of the paddle.

So this is all the process…



After presenting the all the ideas for fivefootsix Kieron and the chosen collegues explained us how was the feedback and what ideas are actually going through the final exhibition .

So after the feedback we were divided in teams to do all different part of it from curation to marketing campaign where I got in design team.

So me and me team started to discuss which work needs to be done and schedule all the dates to have everything prepared by the end of the week.

The time frame is quite short so we try to make the poster web banner and catalogue for this Tuesday,and we have done it!

These ones are the first versions we came up that than take us in the final version! 

So within is there is no excuse for not attend, you have all the information, I’ll see you on the exhibition!

Infographic session


Last Friday we had a infographic session with Ricardo where we tried out to show in different ways our journey to university.

One by using descriptions words of the actual journey , and another one illustrating symbols smells and sound during the same journey.

This way you can see the various shapes that your infographic can look like.

We also tried to make a typology about 5 brands you like on a certain product extension.

After we picked our top ten movies and we gave a percentage based on an certain aspect. I have marked them following what were the one that make me laugh the most.

 Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 19.05.40

After it we went in the computer room to organise the information using GOOGLE SHEETS which is a pretty simple was to organise your ideas.


Tuesday 13/10

The anxiety to actually produce, work, and develop, is starting to get bigger and bigger and finally there are some signs of what we are going to do on the next couple of weeks.

In the morning we were in groups of two where we had to have a short discussion about 3 ideas.

  • Which brand do we like and why?
  • What am I interested in this course?
  • What am I expecting to get out from it?

For these questions this was the answer… first we both picked Apple, highlighting the fact that they have the clearest and simple design that is however function and interactive almost human like. Then about this course I am particularly interested for the ability of making someone’s wishes/ideas come out. It’s important to understand what does the costumer want. For the future I intend to get some basic references for what I need to run my own business (Entrepreneurialism).

After sharing our ideas we saw a video where Steve Jobs in 1997 speaks about their new strategies and concepts to create something simple. So the campaign was called ‘Think Different’ and was based on simple black and white photos of celebrities such as Einstein, Muhammad Ali etc… It had the Apple’s logo and said “Think Different”.

After that we had our first approach to our briefs.

“Look mum no hands” , we will have to describe, collect information, picture out what people are doing and reflect on the design details on one of the most famous cyclists’ caffe in London!

“Brand flip”, based on about 3 paragraphs of this book we will have to do an illustration describing it.

“Breakfast unscrambled”, this project will make us actually go through the process of creating  our own “breakfast brand”.

About the others I will explain when we get there…

For the Afternoon, we had the visit of David Bennett, director of OPX (introduction website video shows some of the clients they had) that was the design company that developped the concept for the cyclists’ caffe. He showed us how was the process ’till getting the actual place done!

Now it’s time to visit the place!


Some inspiration for our studio

Hey guys, today me and my group (empathy & enterprise) went on studio visits to get some inspiration and to know more about the kind of structure they plan to run their businesses.

In fact, both were interesting in different ways. Firstly we went in Sainsbury’s headquarters (they moved recently) where we could see what a big company is built of! Everything was perfect, clean, organised and wide open spaces, a place where everyone could be in contact with! 

So after we went in a room to talk with User experience designer’s and the actual designers, that told us about their work methods and the importance of the costumer. They also showed the applications that are being developed as well as some new features. 

After this talk we went to pall mall deposit to visit other studio this time a smaller one  but really well decorated and organised.             

They done a presentation about some of the work they done (Paul Smith basically) that were photo shoots scenes for all different subdivisions of the brand.

Honestly besides the value of the work that is obvious, I didn’t found it so interesting.

So to conclude my experience of today I would say that was really helpful to understand how does the business runs on that space ( methods) and how different can look a design studio.