Brand flip

Is never to late to get a project done, so as shown on a previous post I was working on my “3D poster” for brand filp, and after a couple of hours using my scalpel I made it right!




Last Friday we were ment to show our ideas for both ‘look mum no hands’ the cyclist caffe and ‘BrandFlip’ from where I chose a paragraph and illustrte it!

For LMNH I have done it but unfortunately my computer broke up so I will I we have to pray and hope that my computer get fixed and somehow recover the work that is done. However for brand flip I do have it to show.

My paragraph is about the costumers that nowadays aren’t only external participants in the brand , they have a vote they have a voice!

So to illustrate this image I will do layers of paper( each color is a layer) and then the text will match perfectly between the layers.