How to make an easy image gallery…

Last week we had a class with Ricardo Eversley where we needed to create an image gallery to support our idea for the next project.for that we’ve used the social app Pinterest.

It’s really easy. First you type in a name of a certain campaign you think is relatable to your idea. Than you’ll collect the imagery onto a file.

Once you’ve done that you go on the file and you see what are the main trends on those images and you type them on Pinterest. That will provide you a good gallery so you can have some inspiration for yours!


Infographic session


Last Friday we had a infographic session with Ricardo where we tried out to show in different ways our journey to university.

One by using descriptions words of the actual journey , and another one illustrating symbols smells and sound during the same journey.

This way you can see the various shapes that your infographic can look like.

We also tried to make a typology about 5 brands you like on a certain product extension.

After we picked our top ten movies and we gave a percentage based on an certain aspect. I have marked them following what were the one that make me laugh the most.

 Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 19.05.40

After it we went in the computer room to organise the information using GOOGLE SHEETS which is a pretty simple was to organise your ideas.


Kieron’s Puppet Workshop

I got a bit late to this workshop, however I still had time to hear some explanation about the puppets used for animation!

It’s important that first you planned it on a paper to get the proportion of it.

The structure of the ones showed were based on two small blocks of wood with enough number of holes to get the main structure of the body.

With the aluminium wire twisted by Kieron, he creates a stronger base for the arms, legs, and spine.

With the use of styro foam he created the faces because it’s a soft material easy to shape with a scalpel and sand paper.

In the mean time some materials had to be used to get the puppet done, like scissors, hot glue, aluminium tubes, etc…

The final result will be something like this;