Fresh to impress

This month of October, SMINT launched a contest for all the creative minds around UK in SMINTUK, facebook page where you can create your SMINT poster that can be chosen to be displayed all across London.

New PackWith this poster SMINT wants to show that the minty power inside those small packs is unique and that can make difference in your daily basis. To create even more excitement among the competitors the winner will have an additional 500 pounds and the second and the third place will be rewarded with 250 pounds each.

Even if the prizes are good I think that this is a good opportunity to all the creatives show their ideas and eventually inspire others. To start is very simple , go on the page click ‘Create a Poster’ and upload the tools they provide you to create a impressive SMINT poster.

I already started mine and I am looking to post all the developments on my blog, now is time to get fresh and impress.

After a long time after starting my first version of the Smint poster, I finally made it.
My first idea was to create an abstract suit that inside had a Smint package, but I had some critics on it saying that it wouldn’t be very visible for a poster that will be seen only for a couple of seconds on the everyday world.

For that reason, I tried to develop, based on the same idea, a more realistic version for better understanding. I can say that it was looking good for my expectations. However, after posting an incomplete version of mine, someone made the exact same idea and copied it.

I was a bit surprised with it, but the truth is, and that everyone says, never show your work before time, it actually happens!

Anyway, my idea was never to give up, and instead creating something less expected, that is now posted on Smint Uk facebook page for you to have a look and like (if you want of course).

This is my progress of the poster: