Shadows final outcome 

As I have posted before “Shadows” is the title for our last creative and industry practice project.

In this project we had Capture contrast/ evidence/ characteristics from the pictures we take on a certain space.

My intention was then show the contrast on architecture and the environment that it’s created Around.

For my final outcome I wanted to do a city of five collage posters. First I needed to print my images in A3 so I selected 8 of my pictures where 4 were from one side of the corner were I was and the other 4 from the other side.

To enhance the contrast between them I bought two different types of paper, one glossy and other one more greyish grainy paper. Once printed I have started to plan how I would like to create contrast and how would my pictures work between each other . The process was this.

After time working I finally finished my 5 posters.


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