Brand- represents a concept/organisation

Branding- a unique way of brand visual representation 

Brand(objective)- the entity, the product

Brand(subjective)-Perception in the mind of a consumer

Branding-(verb)the process of creating                     (Noun)the brand identity as           experienced 

Branding is now at the stage of YOU so the brands are connected to people, people have their interaction in the brand.

Brands get your information and shape their brands due to its consumers.


Innocent– smoothie company 
Lesson 1: know the purpose/ be clear in your objectives

In a video, one of the founders explains that you need to be extreme in the way that once you have a concept you should apply to all the business 

Lesson 2: ethics 

All the business try to make it healthier for the consumer but also for the world using less energy, go for the natural productions, etc…

The company takes 10 % for charity 


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