East end walk

Yesterday me and my class went in East end to discover why is this part of the city placed as it is and what was the importance of it.

First we had a discussion in front of central house pointing out the Whitechapel gallery function at the time that was education for all the foreigners that were coming to leave here. 

This second image is in the open space in the back of the gallery, also the architecture like the Windows on the left that after will be seen again on the spitafields church.

This church was planned along with other fiftieth churches!

The church architecture perfectly marks the golden ratio between its porpotions.

This one due to the diversity of religions is a Jewish and Catholic Church.

Roman ruins as you can see on the first picture are still saved in those big glasses and it marks the barrier that separate the centre from the east where all the poverty and market was stablished in.

As a contrast on top of it you have all those private big glass buildings that now show the progression of the city of London .

For the end we went in the “quarter of the artists that had the chance to get the housing looking forward to renew them as a rule for them to stay there.

The Windows on top are where all those artists work on the textile to get enough light to work.

Very nice walk!


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