Tuesday 13/10

The anxiety to actually produce, work, and develop, is starting to get bigger and bigger and finally there are some signs of what we are going to do on the next couple of weeks.

In the morning we were in groups of two where we had to have a short discussion about 3 ideas.

  • Which brand do we like and why?
  • What am I interested in this course?
  • What am I expecting to get out from it?

For these questions this was the answer… first we both picked Apple, highlighting the fact that they have the clearest and simple design that is however function and interactive almost human like. Then about this course I am particularly interested for the ability of making someone’s wishes/ideas come out. It’s important to understand what does the costumer want. For the future I intend to get some basic references for what I need to run my own business (Entrepreneurialism).

After sharing our ideas we saw a video where Steve Jobs in 1997 speaks about their new strategies and concepts to create something simple. So the campaign was called ‘Think Different’ and was based on simple black and white photos of celebrities such as Einstein, Muhammad Ali etc… It had the Apple’s logo and said “Think Different”.

After that we had our first approach to our briefs.

“Look mum no hands” , we will have to describe, collect information, picture out what people are doing and reflect on the design details on one of the most famous cyclists’ caffe in London!

“Brand flip”, based on about 3 paragraphs of this book we will have to do an illustration describing it.

“Breakfast unscrambled”, this project will make us actually go through the process of creating  our own “breakfast brand”.

About the others I will explain when we get there…

For the Afternoon, we had the visit of David Bennett, director of OPX (introduction website video shows some of the clients they had) that was the design company that developped the concept for the cyclists’ caffe. He showed us how was the process ’till getting the actual place done!

Now it’s time to visit the place!



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