Typography Workshop

This last Friday, the 11 November, me and my peers had a workshop about typography enhancing the importance of it’s use as well as the layout of the text with image.
On the first stage of this workshop I went from Aldgate East Station to Tower Bridge ,capturing images that could help me onto defining my grid on the second part of this workshop. I can’t say I fully answered to the brief at this stage because I should have had inside images as many as outside. This could eventually help me on finding different grid sets.

After going around and collecting the necessary imagery for the workshop, we started designing .
As an appropriate tool for publishing and editorial, InDesign was the program that we had to use to successfully complete this brief. By the use of the imagery previously I started tracing on top of the main lines that I wanted to use as my grid.
The typeface I decided to use was Bebas Neue because its a sans serif  it looks condensed so it is really easy to play around without going out of the grid.
I definitely put my effort in to this, however there is still loads of work needed in order to achieve more cohesive outcomes.

Down below are my 6 “typographic posters”.

typographic_workshop-01I tried to keep more informative playing around the different boxes that these pavement provides.

I felt that pavements could be interesting to work because the lines are mainly vertical and horizontal.These one less informative than the one before also has bigger differences on the character size.typographic_workshop-03This image allows a million different grids. Because I am a rocky when it’s about typography I did felt confused so I feel that I tried to many ideas and it doesn’t quite work. I left it here so that I don’t forget for the next time.

On this one the change is barely seen, in fact the angles are all really close to 90º.
Technically, at this one I am already trying to break the rules which in fact I should not.
I felt that rather than lines all these different building offered a really  interesting combination of “layers” so than I had to try and explore beyond. typographic_workshop-06
Really simple grid system here. and the leading is not really good.

Anyway at the end I really enjoyed doing it and I think it might be helpful towards my main project.