Dialogue-Google engage deliver 2

For this campaign I wanted to create a logo that on its own shows the idea of the project.
Since I want to promote Health and Fitness I wanted my logo to be dynamic so the first thing on the logo is to use a non serif sharp edged typeface italic.
The Italic create the movement part of the logo by making the letters tilt forward.

Once I got that part I started to play with what I had in order to make it more playful and unique. With the letters I added little faces and rasterize the letters in order to look like a person moving on logo.

As I keep trying new things the logo starts to look a little bit to much so I grab the second from the first image and work forward on it.
To make the logo and the all identity more unified I start work with colors and adding shapes. The shape I choose as a direct connection to the platform where it is going to be used in, in a DOOH.

At the end I came up with the last one in the second image. Let'sgetphysicallogoLet'sgetphysicallogo2


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