So as it was in the begging of the year I had to do my internship.Soon I applied to the hot house which at the time was really good because I could easily organize my time.
Of course the hot house as a lot to improve but is important that those who commission the work have to gave us more time to make things good.
I started as an illustrator and I honestly tried to do good, and due to my work I was asked to be the manager. I don’t think it was any different I was only trying to contribute to the group. As the time went by I started to feel less motivated because it become a less organized and the briefs weren’t never as we thought at first.However I had a good chance to work for London Metropolitan clearing campaign as well as other projects that we manage to do for the university.
I am done with this only because now I have to work for my projects but I am back to help with the exhibition.



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