I mean I can’t really show all stages of my project however there is some development that I can show.

So is a website for anyone to create their own website. Their overall look is very neat and clean in the majority of things are very simple.

Captura de ecrã 2017-02-05, às 16.50.16.pngFor this year DNAD has launch a brief with squarespace that call creatives to develop the ultimate portfolio.
What does that mean? I believe it is hard to explain in a few words from my understanding, better user experience, simpler, easier, well designed, logic, remarkable, if possible.

So has a very experienced web designer (or maybe not) I started looking at different things at note down all details, typefaces, if serif or sans serif ( I can’t really say which typeface is normally) display of image, text, number of pages, columns, original ideas and some of the flow effects on the website.

Then I had a look in wordpress which I must say that is not really at the same stage (Should I say this?). Well it has been two and half years since I have been blogging and as explainable from the actual blog that you are looking at I can’t really understand about the curation part of it. I was always annoyed on why couldn’t we just place stuff differently and while editing visualize what is actually happening.

After looking at different portfolios I narre it down the pages I needed to work with and then started planning the different screens in order to understand my needs.


I want to give to the creatives the ultimate experience in how they express themselves so I wanted to allow the template to change. There is different work that can be displayed so the template should be ready to frame different types of work.

Sadly this idea is not going to turn me in a millionaire…poor Joao.
It is okay I can still say that mine is not only editable but it also provides some structure which being very easy to use. I have tried the competitors idea and it is far to complex for my brain. I want people to be free but they dont need to worry about everything. I leave here some slides of the ultimate edit mode that I have created for my template. I can’t explain more for now.



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