So today we recieved for “Hot House Talks” the designer Sofia Clausse.
On her life she moved around different countries such as Argentina, Portugal, USA and UK.
I could say that her personal projects are driven by the love of working with type.


By clicking on the image down below you can go to her website and find out more about her work.captura-de-ecra%cc%83-2017-02-10-as-21-26-34

My personal view on her work is pretty positive.
I felt very interested in the fact that she managed to “sort her life” based on producing work that she really feel attached to.
Also I felt that although it is clear that she is an hard worker,she transmits a very relaxed
(something that I should learn).


After University in US Sofia worked For nike creating some really cool campaigns with the use of motion graphics.One of the campaigns that she did were about a shoes to play indoor football and it was nice to see that besides advertising she also planned the curation of the store also that needs to be thought differently which shoe how Sofia Clausse adapts herself.


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