2 nd Project briefing

Captura de ecrã 2017-01-18, às 21.21.35.pngIt is time to start our second project.
Tuesday we had a great surprise on having Dan introducing us the project.
Grand visual, which Dan is part of, works mainly on what is called DOOH or Digital out-of-home.
So, with this in mind we understand what are these digital medias going to tell.
After visiting the exhibition on data collection at the science museum we were introduced to the project. So data is nowadays very simple to track collect see and use and different types of data will allow in this case the creatives to produce information straight to the ones who see it.
Offline communities are communities that are not connected to the internet and to call people to be aware to look at to participate with is important that these communities can be fitted into the online world.


The aim of this project is to create a social change, to develop an idea on what you think it needs to be changed.
google will be our source of tools, however I am still not sure how I am going to to use it.

Brief resume:

Social Change+Live data+Google apps

We have also had series of challenges which would help us on building creative thinking.


For the second part of our class we had to think about possible topics that could have a social change and be used for our projects. It is concluded that the majority of topics can work for it.
Then we grabbed a few words and as group we brainstorm the words and built a narrative around these selected words.



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