“Our lives in data” at the Science Museum



Today me and my peers went to the Science Museum to see the exhibition called Our lives in data.
These exhibition aims to show/explain how nowadays  technologic advance allows a collection of data that can improve the understanding of the human being.
There are several different stages, or should I say events that will take information from the individual on different aspects.

I find this topic very interesting, and to add on this idea, my dissertation will be about surveillance which has a straight relation to this exhibition.

So this exhibition starts of with face recognition, so it affirms that the distances of corners of the mouth or either the contours of the face will provide data that can define how happy or sad a person can be.img_1007I feel myself very critic about this topic and one of the things sometimes people don’t understand is that the tube is no more than a space where your movements are controlled 100%.
In fact is really an amazing system which on the other hand is scary.
Sign can be analyzed in different forms and get used for different purposes and that is the excitement around data.



I struggle a little bit with this exam however after getting the idea I understood and I felt that some of the data collection options and eventual use are fare behind the reality today.
I would suggest that this data should also be provided to the government so that they understand when they are going over what is acceptable, which I think they didi already.


Lastly the one that I feel that is for sure the most important system of them all.

This sort of machine has been recently created and it allows a 2 days DNA reading.
Personally I feel that this is amazing and again can make medics accelerate their research and then have more time to move on!




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