Dialogue:Relevant practitioners

Alan Kitching-http://www.thetypographyworkshop.com/workshop#

Captura de ecrã 2016-11-22, às 10.48.15.png

Alan Kitching is a practitioner of letterpress typographic design and printmaking.
His work is known across the globe and his design sensibility makes him part of remarkable projects such as Royal mail stamps FT magazine cover or even London Design Festival poster.

At his website Kitching gives the amazing opportunity for a two days workshop were people can learn about letterpress. My only problem is that even with a 50% off I would have to pay 375 pounds which unfortunately is a bit over budget for me.

Captura de ecrã 2016-11-22, às 10.44.49.png

Captura de ecrã 2016-11-22, às 10.45.06.png

This cool background formed by letter presses words in the tones of green and blue divide the topics displayed on his website. this decision ( I think that might be on purpose) gives the background a more important role and the website itself feels really unique and nice to read through.

Captura de ecrã 2016-11-22, às 12.01.35.pngCaptura de ecrã 2016-11-22, às 12.01.48.pngCaptura de ecrã 2016-11-22, às 12.01.57.png

This last monotype print is for Abram Games which I have done a post before.
It is really interesting to see this thread on the industry were recognized artists also produce for the others.


A2 type is a type foundry that provides hand crafted typefaces.

Captura de ecrã 2016-11-22, às 10.54.07.png

All the typefaces look amazing! they presented on an continuous page were all the typefaces are structured almost as a block of text which unconsciously makes the reader go through all the typefaces on display!Captura de ecrã 2016-11-22, às 12.22.42.pngA2 as an impressive list of commissioned typefaces which is worth looking at.


Captura de ecrã 2016-11-22, às 10.58.47.png

Tomato is a design studio that I already knew from previous research.
About their projects what really kept my interest was the Pixel Wall done at the Queen’s Elizabeth Park. As a experienced user with this interface I really enjoyed this peace of work. It allows people to be part of this project so it will never be really a finished project because of this constant interaction.
With this large blocks area everyone can explore their creativity .

Morag Myerscough-http://supergrouplondon.co.uk/index.php/morag/

I was a little bit confused on what should I research the Myerscough studio or Morag on it’s own. Part of this “supergroup” Morag as a distictive stack of work.
Recognized as a place maker, Morag as several instalations around Uk and abroad in places like Shangai or Lisbon.







Her work shows a infinite use of different materials where shape and type work together.
On her work you can see contrast, 3D effects, reflection, saturation, black n’ white.


Starting of for the first interaction, a 3D digital logo

Captura de ecrã 2016-11-22, às 11.06.17.png

Colophon-foundry provides several different typefaces.
With a less contemporary  website this foundry still has a really interesting list of goods to purchase as well as commissioned work done previously.

buylow-tote-1-1400.pngcolophon-no-cash-value-poster-index-1400.jpgCaptura de ecrã 2016-11-22, às 11.09.36.png

This last imagery belongs to a project commissioned by UEFA for the development of a typeface for the UEFA Europe League. As a Football fan sometimes there are such designs that you ask yourself who would do this?
Really strong and simple presentation really shows the different fields that this project fulfills.



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