Hot House-The begining

A new  project or shall I say experience has started. I am now working for the Hot House, what is it? a studio space with in the university environment.
It answers to the University creative needs as well as contribute for industry briefs.
Monday , myself, Armando and Bogdan were asked to develop a design for Christmas card.
With that in mind ( and apparently with some misunderstanding ) we went for the screen room to do some linocuts as well as screen print. The main element were snowflakes and at the end of the day we ended up with to ideas, the lino or a screen printed version with a more guided  look.

Today, I actually met the Hot House studio leaders where I had an opportunity to go over the briefs and established deadlines as well as understanding the details of them, such as, the size of the file (piece), what are the previous stages before handing in the final one.

The christmas cards that we present gave us some element of discuss as well as material to continue developing. By going through the briefs we ended up concluding that the card at to be an e card which is a small digital file to wish season greetings via email.

Black permanent market- A more handcrafted approach was one of the first drafts for the card. We suggested that this would be printed on the riso print, where we could play with the tones and a few colours.


Fully digital, this approach was in order to produce a stencil for screen print.christmas_card_elementschristmas_card_elements_1

Again with illustrator these ones are fully digital and they were chosen to move forwards to develop the season greetings e-card.
With this element, Armando, the motion expert prepare a file on Photoshop where he developed a GIF.

GIF-a lossless format for image files that supports both animated and static images.

At the same time we were asked to help on promoting London Metropolitan towards inviting new students to apply for the university.
The brief shows interviews from some students of London Met where they explain what are they likes and dislikes as well as what they study and their experience in the university.
Based on this information I started sketching so that I can have enough material to create a background to have on the photographies of those students.
After highlighting the main points this is what I came up with.

Now with this material I will develop the final background.
Besides these projects we also discuss and purposed a layout for our corridor for the open day.


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