Dialogue:map of me 

Down below I represented the process that i am following to develop my app.

My idea of the app is nature navigator where people can read now more about the park in the city and follow a journey represented through illustrations.

1step- brainstorm about the parks, this will help me planning the journey as well as doing a selection of the most interesting ones.2nd step- understanding the sort of visuals that I would like to represent on my illustrations

3rd step( no image associated) understanding the sort of interaction that can be used to interact with the app

4th step-Mapping- how can I show my journey.

5th step-Planning journeys- final stage before going to the actual one

6th step- Main ideas, manifesto, tone of voice and typography brainstorming/ research

7th step-Logo type: doodling for the logo design

After this I am building a board with the screen layout of my print explain as well the interactions within the app.

I need to do the journeys make the drawings paint them and put all together.


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