Dialogue Studio: Barbican Exhibition

Bedwyr Williams

Displayed at the Barbican centre, The Glutch is an exhibition from the artist  Bedwyr Williams.
It should be okay to say that his ideas are so crazy that at a certain point I felt lost on his exhibitions.
Apparently the welsh artist combine his installations which I could definitely not get it…

The entrance…I tried my best but besides those interesting blue lights pertending to be reflections of the moon in the water I couldn’t feel nothing aboiut it.

We moved on to a black corridor where there were displayed these three pieces which were somehow interesting, once again none of that made sense to me so i could not judge it beyond the physical aspect. at this point I started to think that the reason that we were there was for us to see a good example on how to push the boundaries of creativity.

The part of the exhibition that really kept my attention ( even if I still don’t get it, maybe I don’t need to), was the video where we had to feel like we were dough or even where you would see a yoga teacher flowing on top of the clouds.
However all the moments of this video were extremely edited creating a very different experience on watching a movie. Unfortunately I don’t have any part of the video recorded however I leave here a small introduction of Bedwyr about the exhibition which my clarify what’s the exhibition about.

This Exhibition ends up in a running track with some “ikea” furniture hanged on the celling. Absolutely crazy!

Zarah Hussain

“Numina” is the name of the installation that Zarah exhibits on the Barbican centre.
The piece is really interesting by combining pyramides on an hexagonal screen where a projections of shapes and lines will create stunning patterns.
Zarah Hussain is an MA graduate of the Visual Islamic and Traditional Art programme at the Prince’s School for Traditional Arts in London. Her constant studies on perfecting these patterns influenced by the islamic culture made her reaching this stage where she combines this historical culture with the new technologies.
These fluorescent lines combining with the shapes combined create an astonishing visual which goes onto a constant loop of different patterns.



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