What typeface should I use?

As a designer is always important to consider very carefully the use of different typefaces.
Typography is as important as the image and it’s readability, size , history, type, meaning will totally change the visual and aspect of your final outcome.

With that in mind I wanted to do some investigation.
I am not really in to Type because I haven’t felt yet my personal need on to investigate deeper the topic.

I know the basics and I new by my design Which type of typefaces I would like to choose so that they would go along with my design.
My artwork was built by thin lines so I went to search for a thin typeface.

First, Helvetica Neue Thin. It is a derivation of the font created by Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann in Switzerland (1957).
It was created to be very simple and with no meaning attached to the font, it was purely to be easy to read and convey its message ( an important principle for the Swiss International Design).
Helvetica Neue was developed later on in 1983 and the intention on doing it was that some measurements could be refined to be even more easy to read and understand.


Than I wanted a typeface to go along with Helvetica Neue and I thought that would be interesting to contrast with a serif font.
Times New Roman was named after being used in the newspaper, Times of London (1929) and it works very well once you need to put a goos amount of text o a small space which made me think that could be good to use on an app where space of the screen can be limited. However this font is quiet apathetic so then it takes a bit of the vibrance and flow of my creative word, so in this case won’t be a good choice for my project.


I would consider playing safe.Futura is a font based on the Bauhaus design philosophy and it is a very simple design with a very modern shape.
Futura condensed medium can also be used to have a lot of words on the same line and it is also a reflection of forwardness so I thought that this one could work with Helvetica Neue Thin.




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