Dialogue studio: Prototyping

Nicer Tuesdays ( story telling): Ken Wong

Ken Wong is the head designer of the awarded game “Monument Valley”.
On this video you can understand a little bit more about the process towards achieving a strong connection to the user.
Would be expected a game where the narrative were told by the main character on surpassing challenges however this one develops signals while the game run where the user can build their own thoughts.
He also says that the story is optional and that they have built their own after creating the characters and themes.

After that, in group we had to select 4 apps from our phones and understand and make questions of why is that app don eon a certain way.

We went to observe a game, Touch Grind Skate, Uber, Snapchat and Lloyds bank.
We actually selected so that we can understand how the app functions in different situations.
With this discussion we touched on certain aspects like Brand Guidelines, the different features, the motion , what makes the journey more interesting , for which kind of situations will the app be used and how long would take for us to complete the intention of the app.



Marvelapp.com, is a website which allows any one to build a prototype of a real application. It also allows To collaborate and is well linked with other platforms.
With it we had to develop a simple app layout with ten different images of artists that we like so that we could start using the features which the app provide.


Captura de ecrã 2016-10-23, às 19.38.29.png

Following all these elements ( video, apps discussion, app prototyping ) we were induced on how to convey our message and develop through an app. By working with previous material developed by us( the interpretation of images , mapping and layout), we had to recreate our expressionist drawings so they they could fit on a mobile app.




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