The User experience

This Friday our aim was to understand how the user experience will influence work work development.
An application has to have some objective for people, however each person as their own objectives. With that in mind we organized the main ideas that should be present for us to develop the work.

Key Goals- What does the main aspect on your application?
-Do they need to complete a task?
-Is time a concern for the user?

Behaviour- Does the user have time to take on using the application?
– Would the app be more explained? Would it be more visual?
– What does turn off the interest of a specific user?

Must dos- Will be a description that include what to do depending on the user profile.

Exercise 1: Interpretation of user data, understanding about what to do and what not.
On a first stage we would work based on a fictional character. Secondly we would work towards understanding of our colleagues.


Exercise2: Analysis of a task model.

A task model it’s a organized representation of the steps a user needs to take on a specific app.
In this task model you can find Direct connections, those which automatically follow the previous page, and also Controlled Evaluations, These ones will allow the user to select form different options before to proceed.
Our task was to fill up a diagram with the different steps that the user need to take to purchase on our app (purchase of a poster).




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