Dialogue Studio: Narrative Mapping

There are different ways on how we describe, evaluate an image. In this specific cas we had to analyse on a first stage feelings and colours/tones.

From a selection of images that we had to collect ( people, place and patterns).Focusing on people we had to, by the use of single Lines demonstrate what was the flow of the image.                   After that we also illustrate the same images by the tone.

Grabbing the London tube map we add to point out places which are part of our routine. With a dotted paper we joined the dotes which refer to our journeys which at the and will give us our personal map. Adding on this we could also add , textures to enhance a certain aspect that we wanted to describe.

On the afternoon we had three tasks to work on:

– Merging our scanned hand with the map we have done previously,

– Use the same scanned had and layout text with the image,

-And finally by using coloured paper we had to create a cohesive layout with text and the paper.

These are the outcomes.


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