Hot house- Noemie Games

This Friday we had the chance to meet Noemi Games.
She came to speak at Calcutta house, about her dad Abraham Games, a British graphic designer.
She showed many of his posters including the ones during the 2nd world war.
It is absolutely amazing how such perfection  can be done by hand without any of the technologic support that exists today.


Abraham as said before was part of the military , this image shows his self portrait at the time.
Noemi told that her father many times wanted to fight for his country but due to his unique ability for poster design the chiefs would not allow him to go on the first line.


“Blonde bombshell”- Games made this poster in order to call women to join  the Auxiliary Territorial Service.
This poster was very controversial either for the government that felt it was unsuitable or later on from being to Soviet (inappropriate).



These two poster were created when he joined the parachute units.


London Transport, Games was the first designer to create a poster abou the transports for London.


Games worked as poster designer during 60 years, and is absolutely amazing to see an example like this.
He was able to make his posters visible to everyone and also very important for the history.
Was so far my favorite ever hot house talk and I felt really inspired.


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