The year has started and the curiosity rises to know what is expecting us on our new studio.
Ricardo, our tutor introduced us our first main project, “Persona- Map of Me”.
This project intends to create an application based on our lives our experiences.

We started to have a look on William Blake’s poem “London 1794” which is reflects the city, and what is happening at that time.
After that Akala (rap singer) made a video about the same exact poem, and try to understand what of London 1794 still applies on these days.


With that in mind we had to work as a group to create a narrative (which therefore will help us to build the content that we will want to use for our app).
By the questions, how do you describe the city of London in 20 words? and, how do you describe your commute on that morning in 10 words? we had to chose one word from each one and then create a paragraph by merging them with text so that it creates meaning.
This exercise was really helpful because it made me think beyond the words and helped me creating connections and a logic.






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