Reflect 140

After discussing about the previous exercise ( posted before), we saw 3 important videos towards Design/Technology and Typefaces.

Matthew Carter speaks in TED talks about typography and technology and explain how some of his most important creations (typeface) evolved along the years of technology revolution.
This video show the detailed world of type, it explains the importance on the word “what convey meaning”.
Matthew show different processes of making type and showed how does a certain typeface has the characteristics to be used on a certain type of media.

John Maeda…MIT Media Lab… I found this one really interesting.
As described, “an intersection between technology and art”, this guy explores creativity on an imaginable way. It reflect how important is to explore beyond the limits.
Most importantly this video drives you trough the understanding of two words, simplicity:complexity.
During his life he analises situation and through data he verifies that humans are like to be complex.

Wim Crouwel, in this video gives a very resumed story about himself towards what he is today.
From the Swiss style movement which influenced him on the first stage of his carreer, till the more graphic stage while developing poster catalougues, etc… for Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.



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