Armando Villani

Armando Villani is my fellow Italian Graphic Design at The Cass.


Why you choose to study Graphic Design at London Met?
I was Assistant Manager here in London when I decided to do something different in my life, following my deep interest in the computer, multimedia, software, and programming. Graphic and Design were two fields never touched by my study, so checking on the website I found the Foundation for graphics, media and fine art at London Met. During this year we covered several areas, showing my good approach in typography, photography, and print. At the end of the course, with the help of my tutors, I decided to continue my studies at The Cass choosing the BA in Graphic Design.

Typography – ViasualAction Foundation year

What do you want to say in your work?
Generally, I try to generate emotions, making people sensitive or questioning them about something. Sometimes my point is not very clear on purpose, allowing the users to build their own thoughts. I prefer to talk about modern/our issues: something that is around me, something that is been done for me or something that we can do for the future generations. In any case, the aim of my works is to tell a story using different visual and audio platforms.

Typography – Relations and Tensions level 4

How your works reflect your personality?
I guess to be a really deep thinker and this is reflected in my research. Discover something, a story or a character that will inspire me is something that I do like often. My works are colourful and busy and this reflects my personality, open, free, happy but also impulsive, rebellious and tenacious. I like to keep myself busy, I don’t like black and white, but I prefer an infinite shade of colours.

Revolutionary collage level 4

With which platform do you feel more confortable?
I’m still looking to my favourite platform; my interests now are photography and video making, that’s why I do help myself with digital software such as Photoshop or Premiere. But I really enjoy working in the printing section, such as Monoprint, Screenprint or Letterpress, facilities discovered in my University. In addition, I like to produce Layout, for Press and Web, making and printing personal books and organizing my Portfolio/Website.

Which are your future plans?
After the Degree, I really hope to start to work in order to have the chance to plan something more in my life. My dream is to try to give my contribute to one of the big company of our time, but as long I can give my contribute to someone which will pay me for that is fine. Also, I feel to continue with my passion for blogging and maybe try to build something with this tool.



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