My breaksfast unscrambled project

I should have done this post a long time ago, but better later than never.

On this project we followed some stages to arrive till we are today.

So first after doing a survey we were asked to to an infographic which is a designed way to show numbers or results of something.

So my answer to that was this one…

After it we had to based on the results, or not, be able to create some breakfast product ,service or place that would fill a gap on that market.

So I started sketching and thinking in my personal experience  

After finding what could be my product I had to brand it.

Remember never forget to justify your idea… Only solid ideas do have success!

The name was difficult to have it because overthinking about a concept an idea for days does create make you think about the value of your idea. was the first name that I worked on but due to its complexity as a word and even its link and sense within the breakfast “thing” make me change to something easier to the consumers.

So after I had to rethink about it and I end up doing a name related to the container rather than the food itself so I came up with theirs ken!


So then I had to make a presentation as I showed before than this post which was the exploration of the ideas to create a brand.

Mine was this 



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