Some inspiration for our studio

Hey guys, today me and my group (empathy & enterprise) went on studio visits to get some inspiration and to know more about the kind of structure they plan to run their businesses.

In fact, both were interesting in different ways. Firstly we went in Sainsbury’s headquarters (they moved recently) where we could see what a big company is built of! Everything was perfect, clean, organised and wide open spaces, a place where everyone could be in contact with! 

So after we went in a room to talk with User experience designer’s and the actual designers, that told us about their work methods and the importance of the costumer. They also showed the applications that are being developed as well as some new features. 

After this talk we went to pall mall deposit to visit other studio this time a smaller one  but really well decorated and organised.             

They done a presentation about some of the work they done (Paul Smith basically) that were photo shoots scenes for all different subdivisions of the brand.

Honestly besides the value of the work that is obvious, I didn’t found it so interesting.

So to conclude my experience of today I would say that was really helpful to understand how does the business runs on that space ( methods) and how different can look a design studio.


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