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Before any other post I should talk about myself and what is going to happen on this BLOG…

I am Joao Cardoso, portuguese, 20 year old Illustration student currently on the 2nd year at London Metropolitan University. For this year, we will have to create and develop our BLOG reflecting about everything that is going on in our course. This will help in many different ways because we can easily access and organize our work, create a methodology, make us work on a regular basis and  make us learn and improve our communication.

After a first approach in, with Ricardo and Sara, my tutors, what looked simple, wasn’t really, because first we need to understand what is exactly a ‘Post’, a ‘Page’, a ‘Category’ , ‘Tags’, a  ‘Homepage’ and set up everything correctly to get a simple and clear website for people to navigate through. First task was posting 4 different Posts on our BLOG about what we had done so far

This BLOG will contain projects, final outcomes, development, research, visits/travels , descriptions, images, history, essays, and everything that will influence my creativity!

From this point on, It’s all about you. It’s your choice – How far do you want to go? Do you want simply to follow the mandatory? Or do you want to go forward and make your work count?



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